International Cooperation

TC-MA most often works together with the following organizations and countries:

In the area of training for international operations and special training:

  • NATO: NATO Civilian Pre-deployment Course
  • UN/OSCE EU: United Nations Military Observer Course (UNMOC)
  • USAG Hohenfels (Germany): OCT Course (Observer, Coach, Trainer)
  • JPOTC Jordanian Peace Operations Training Centre: Cultural Awareness Course
  • Slovak Armed Forces – Training Battalion Martin – Basic Training Course
  • Slovak Armed Forces – Ground Forces Command –KOMANDO Course

In the area of doctrines:

  • Joint Analysis Lessons & Learned Centre (JALLC) – Lisbon, Portugal
  • Allied Command Transformation (ACT) – Norfolk, USA
  • Allied Command Operations (ACO) – Mons, Belgium
  • Joint Force Command (JFC) – Brunssum, Netherlands
  • Ground Forces Command of the Slovak Armed Forces – Trenčín, Slovakia 

TC – MA works closely with the following organizations:

In the area of training for deployment abroad and special training:

  • Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CR, Prague Security Studies Institute: Diplomats Special Training for Crisis Situations Course and MoFA Civilian Experts Special Training for Crisis Situations Course.
  • Ministry of the Interior: CIVPOL Course (pre-deployment course for missions led by UN/OSCE EU involving the police force).


Interdepartmental Cooperation

Training for non-governmental organizations Media and Humanitarian Staff Special Training for Crisis Situations Course aimed at the following organizations:

  • Community of journalists.
  • Humanitarian organizations.
  • Non-governmental organizations.
  • Czech Red Cross.
  • Rescue organizations.

In the area of traffic education, Czech Armed Forces Centre of Traffic Education (CTE) works closely with various institutes and takes part in research and development projects in the area of road traffic and transport, outside the department of defence, such as:

  • Centre of Road Traffic Services Pardubice (cooperation in examiners training);
  • Vyškov  Town Council – Traffic Department (Traffic and Safety Board; Road Traffic Safety programs for the public)
  • Police of the Czech Republic (Czech Police drivers training and CTE instructors training in special driving skills courses with the Czech Police);
  • Driving Schools Association of the Czech Republic (exchange of up-to-date expert information in the area of traffic education and Road Traffic Safety);
  • Ministry of Transport – Road Traffic Safety Section (implementation of National Road Traffic Safety Policy to the conditions of the Czech Armed Forces);
  • ŠKODA AUTO Mladá Boleslav (use of donated vehicles for driving in crisis situation training);
  • Safe Driving Centre Ostrava – Libros (safe and defensive lorry and bus driving courses);